A. Tettamanzi


The Web, originally intended to be an open document-sharing platform, has evolved into a distributed platform for the deployment and execution of applications, to the point that it can now be viewed as a sort of global operating system (the programmable web).

It has also become a “social machine” and a technological infrastructure for collective intelligence, which constitutes an interesting and complex subject of study. The objective of this course is to provide a comprehensive introduction to the architecture, standards, languages, and models that allow this huge distributed system to function, without forgetting its societal impact.


  • The Web’s Architecture and protocols
  • A refresher on HTML, CSS, and the Document Object Model
  • The Common Gateway Interface and Server-side Programming
  • Client-side Programming (JavaScript and the HTML5 API)
  • Persistence, AJAX, and REST
  • An introduction to Web Services, UDDI, and SOAP
  • Ergonomy
  • Web Science: The Web as an object of study.